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A Guide to Buying Great Sleeping Bags For Camping

Sleeping bags are one of the most popular camping accessories. They provide warmth and comfort to sleeping travelers. These bags are available in different types, materials, sizes, colors and designs. This makes it difficult to choose the right sleeping bag for one's trip. There are many factors that people must consider while choosing a sleeping bag. Here are some of the factors that people need to look at before buying a sleeping bag.


Seasonal Sleeping Bag Temperature Rating: There are several factors that determine the sleeping bags temperature rating, a number of which vary seasonally. Most of these factors are determined by the type of clothing worn by the user, type of campfire and/or outdoor activities, and other factors. If one is planning on backpacking, it is important to choose the best suited sleeping bags for the season. Some of the factors that determine the sleeping bags temperature rating are the following:


Insulation: The insulation of the sleeping bags is determined by its fabric. Fabrics that provide maximum warmth are often rated higher. Synthetic sleeping bag insulation is warmer than a natural fiber, but has to be costlier, since synthetic fibers are more expensive than natural fibers. Polyester and acrylics are the two main fabrics that are rated high when it comes to insulation.


Efficacy: How effective the sleeping bags insulation is also depends on how well it is designed. Different types of materials are tested in laboratories to determine how effective different types of insulations are at providing warmth. In winter, the test is performed on a basis of a treadmill. In summer, the same test is performed on a cold weather expedition. The difference between the results of these tests is how well the fabric provides warmth.


Shape: A sleeping bags shape is also determined by the type of sleeping bags it is made up of. Most bags are either triangular or rectangular. The most popular sleeping bags are the rectangular ones, because they are most effective in keeping the heat inside.


Loft construction: The loft or space underneath the bags is also an important factor to consider when buying these. The loft can effectively enhance the insulation of the bag. In winter, you will need a lot of warmth to stay warm. In summer, you can reduce the warmth inside the bag by having a loft that is light and insulated.


Weight ratio: The weight of the sleeping bags is also a major factor when choosing them. The more weight a bag has, the better warmth it can provide. To measure the weight of the bag, you need to add 20% of the total weight of the bag. A good quality bag can provide good warmth for many people. There are many types of lightweight backpacking gear that can provide good warmth for long trips.


The color and style: You have to choose the best style for your body type. The most popular shapes are the rectangle and the square. Most people prefer rectangular bags because they are easier to fit into their travel kits. You can find many colors and styles that look comfortable to you and match your taste.


Shell Fabric: There are different types of insulation that you can choose from. Your choice should depend on the temperature of the climate where you will be camping. Rigid fiberglass shells provide good insulation and waterproofing, while lightweight polyester/cotton or wool fabrics are better choices if you will be camping in relatively warm climates.


The Compressibility: Rigid air bags have excellent insulation and waterproofing properties. However, they are not very compressible. If you plan to bring the bags on long trips, you should invest in goose down or duck down sleeping bags with strong shells. This will give better protection from moisture and increase the compressibility. In addition, there are now special insulating materials called neoprene that is more compressible than other similar materials.


The Price: The price of a sleeping bag is based on many factors. You need to compare the features and the quality of the different models. You can find them at online sleeping bag stores at reasonable prices. Be sure that you get a high-quality product, even though it is on sale. Although synthetic fill models may be cheaper, it may not last as long as the real stuff.