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Mountainsmith Ghost Backpack

If you are looking for a new pack that will not only take heavy loads and endure all kinds of weather but also one that is great looking and also will keep your gear organized and easy to carry, then you should consider checking out the Mountainsmith Ghost pack. This back pack is an outstanding product for a variety of reasons. It features an awesome performance on rough terrain as well as the capability to take it along when you climb high peaks and even in worse weather conditions. So, what more can you ask for?


The Mountainsmith Ghost pack is an all day pack designed with comfort, durability, and organization in mind. This is the top-of-the line high capacity backpack designed for rough use. The pack comes equipped with two optional extras, the Recon Frame Stabilizer and the Recon Frame pad cushion. The pack has been loaded with features that make it great for all-around backpacking, even on long treks, including the 3850 cu in (depending on the size you buy). The suspension is provided by Rockshopping, a patented design that provides a snug fit with no softening up in the saddle.


This is not a product for those who are just looking for a comfortable backpack, and for the most part the Mountainsmith Ghost pack lives up to this. The large pack is made of extremely tough and durable materials, making it able to handle a lot of wear and tear. Some of the features include a rear compartment that is larger than the main compartment. This is great for putting some of the longer day-packs like the Gregory, which would normally be stored in the larger back compartment.


Other features include an adjustable suspension system, rack and pinion drives, a dual-use polyurethane frame, high-visibility nylon webbing and a plethora of padded compartments and pockets. Mountainboards, surfboards and standup paddleboards can be accommodated within the large pack as well. The suspension system is adjustable allowing for the most neutral setting on the bike. In addition, the suspension system is made of extremely tough and durable materials that will hold up to a lot of use.


High-visibility nylon webbing is used extensively in the Mountainsmith Ghost suspension pack. It's been specifically designed for cyclists, allowing for a very secure and comfortable fit. Mountainboards and standup paddleboards can also be packed and locked along with the backpackers gear and clothing. Paddles and other equipment like helmets, paddles and skis can also be packed separately. With such a large amount of options for customization, cyclists will love Mountainsmith's Ghost Backpack.


In the competitive world of alpine climbing, Mountainsmith create a few mountain bikes that have been purposely crafted with their quality and endurance in mind. They've taken what they learned from long years of experience and created a higher performance product that will be sure to please even the most demanding mountain bike enthusiasts. Many customers that have tried the 3850 cu in particular find that it is extremely light weight for the size and stature of the individual who chooses to use it. The large pack is constructed of durable nylon, yet is covered with a comfortable mesh liner.


Other features found on the Mountainsmith Ghost Backpack are a spacious compartment for gear and clothing, and easy access to water bottles and tools. Some models of the Ghost Backpack even include a Gregory deva, or cross country model. Mountain biking excursions have become more popular over the last ten years or so, and Mountainsmith aim to please with their products. They offer a variety of different sizes and features to help any biker or mountaineer find the right pack for their individual needs. For Gregory sea riders in particular, the Mountainsmith Ghost Backpack is one of the lightest packs that they have ever owned, and the comfort levels experienced while using them is second to none.


Mountainsmith backpacks are made up of high quality materials that not only look great but perform to high standards. When you're looking for a bag to take your day to day gear and accessories, the Mountainsmith Ghost Backpack is an excellent choice. Not only does it feature some of the best features that you would expect from a Mountain Smith product, it also features the durability that is Mountainsmith's hallmark.