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Mountain Hardwear Waypoint 2

So you've been looking at the Mountain Hardwear Waypoint 2 and have seen all the reviews and are wondering if it's any good. This review will discuss all the features of this great tent. This is a lightweight single wall tent that is very popular for campers and hikers alike. The other great thing about this tent is the durability which are great, and the great features and benefits it has. In this review I'll talk about all the waypoints and benefits, this tent offers.

Mountain Hardwear Waypoint 2


The waypoints on the Mountain Hardwear Waypoint 2-person tent are really nice. The waypoints are mesh that run along the lower seam of the tent, this helps to reduce condensation and keep you and your friends warm. Overall the Mountain Hardwear Waypoint 2 produces for a great lightweight, comfortable tent. At only 3.5lbs (1.6kg) it offers a great, spacious shelter with lots of room for two for camping or as a family. Here's a comparison of it with some other big tents...


The biggest selling point of the Mountain Hardwear Waypoint 2-person tent is the waypoints, these allow you to get into the tent easily and move around, no more lumpy walls which can make rooms look lumpy. There are also mesh windows at the top that let some natural light in during the colder nights. This is great when trying to decide on a dark tent during the night, the natural light will make everything else in the tent lighten as well, and you'll be warmer. Another great feature is that it's the lightest 2-person tent available.


Like most mountain hardwear products, the Mountain Hardwear Waypoint 2 has a nice little interior, it's got two single door zippers, and a single side door pocket as well. Inside there's a very functional nylon webbing between the floor and the canopy for breath ability. The other nice feature is the removable, dual chest strap which offers excellent shoulder and neck support. It's a bit bigger than the rest of the garment, but you can't tell, it feels like a nice thick jacket.


During our review we tried out some day hiking trips up and down the trail. The biggest complaint was that even though it was a bit cold, at night it was still too warm, despite having a single wall. So we went out and tried several other brands of tents, including the Mountain Hardwear Waypoint 2-man tent, one with two walls, one with a single wall and an optional hip belt. The other brands that didn't quite measure up, or were just plain uncomfortable, included Black Diamond, Kelty, Mountain Hardware, REI, Wenzel and Mountain Hardwear Waypoint 2.


To test breath ability and warmth, we threw a few snowballs into it and stood inside for fifteen minutes. As expected the single wall offered a bit better air flow. In fact it was nearly twice as warm under our arms as the other brands we tested. So in short, the waypoint is a great all around option, if you want to have a single wall tent with lots of insulation than the Mountain Hardwear Waypoint 2 lb 12oz is a great choice. If you want a light weight tent with good insulation, then it's definitely worth looking at the other options.


The biggest downside to this product is the price, it's actually two tents instead of one, and that makes a significant difference when comparing performance. Even so, the Mountain Hardwear Waypoint 2 offers excellent value for the money paid, and in some cases is cheaper than many of the competitors in the larger backpacking grade. The other advantage is that you can now get the UV protection offered by the waypoints in a chest pack, without having to change your underwear! That's a real bonus over the competitors.


As always we cannot stress enough that getting a quality set of Mountain Hardwear tents is paramount to having a great time during the cold months of the year. The Waypoint series is great value for money and well worth considering for any backpacker. The Waypoints offer almost all the functionality of a regular sized regular tent, it's just that they are made much larger to give you the lightest possible shelter from the wind.