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Day Hiking Packing List - What Gear to Take for a Great Hike

When it comes to day hiking, many people enjoy hitting the trails one after another, day after day. This makes packing for a weekend hike a challenge. In addition, the clothing you choose can be very challenging, if you do not already own some of the basic items. Fortunately, with a little planning, it can be possible to pack more for your next adventure and make the entire trip easier and less stressful. Here are some suggestions for packing for your next hike.

Day Hiking Packing List


For the Best Day Hiking Packing List, Always Carry a Fleece Jacket. Fleece is ideal for any sort of outdoor activity, be it walking, biking, strolling or even venturing into the bush. The nice thing about fleece is that it breathes; therefore, it will keep you just as warm whether it is raining or snowing outside.


Also make sure to include a pair of boots. Depending on the type of trail you plan to walk, a pair of hiking boots can make all the difference between comfort and discomfort and ease-of-use and pain. You should look for hiking boots that are specifically designed for the type of terrain you will be hiking on and take them on every hike to test out.


Another item to include on your lightweight day pack list are the essentials for a first aid kit. A person who hikes is at risk for contracting a variety of germs, from ticks, bugs, and mosquitoes to viruses and bacteria. It is important to have an excellent first aid kit available. Some hikers include their own medical supplies such as bandages, prescription eye wear and other special items. Other hikers prefer to rely on specialty brands, so they include their own in-born medical supplies and medical items found at the local pharmacy.


One more item on your day hiking packing list that should be lightweight and waterproof is a good sun protection hat. Many hats are made with fleece or some other light and moisture resistant fabric. But wool or polyester hat will quickly get to be too hot to wear and not breath properly. A good hat will protect your head and face in even the most extreme weather conditions and will help your face stay dry.


Along with your backpack, your lightweight day hiking packing list should include a garbage bag pack. Trail food is a very important part of the hiking experience. You will need something to keep your meals and snack supplies from spoiling. Waterproof, canned, or packaged food is preferable to powdered or packaged drinks. Some hikers prefer to bring a small refrigerator-like container that contains their food and drinks in case they run out while they are on the trail.


Other items on your day hiking packing list that might want to consider investing in are small devices that you might want to carry such as a compact digital camera or cell phone, some cash, sunscreen and lip balm. You might also want to invest in a small folding blade to use to cut firewood for your campfire. And finally, if you plan on taking photographs at some point, you might want to purchase a small digital camera or cell phone to help you capture the wildlife you see.


If you take these items into consideration when packing for a long hike, you will find that you are much happier on the trail, and you won't have to worry about getting too hot or too cold or getting bored. And at the end of the day, don't forget to take enough sunscreen, food and water to last you through the trip! Another way to cut down on your packing list and make sure you bring everything you need is to purchase a 'pack it yourself' backpack. They are very easy to use and you can put almost everything inside. This way you won't need to pay a large retail store to pack your gear.