When it comes to outdoor adventures, the part that I like the least is packing. There is never enough room for everything, the gear weighs too much, and I worry about damage due to mishandling. And on some treks, I have to worry about rain soaking my gear as it is hauled from campsite to campsite by porters or pack animals.

While I have yet to find the perfect solution, the closest I have come so far is using the Gregory Long Haul duffle. The Long Haul duffle is a tough, water-resistant, and relatively light-weight duffle that can survive most adventures. Here’s some of the features I like best about it:

  • Long Haul duffles are available in five different sizes, making it easy to pick the size that best meets your needs. Compared to many similar size duffles, these bags are relatively light-weight, which can be important factor on some trips. The available sizes include:
  • S 22” x 14” x 12”, 3,696 cubic inches, 2 lbs. 0 oz.
  • M 26” x 15” x 13”, 5,070 cubic inches, 2 lbs. 4 oz.
  • L 30” x 16” x 14”, 6,720 cubic inches, 2 lbs. 8 oz.
  • XL 38” x 18” x 16”, 10,944 cubic inches, 2 lbs. 12 oz.
  • XXL 42” x 22” x 18”, 16,632 cubic inches, 3 lbs. 0 oz.
  • The duffles are made tough from 22 ounce Shelter-Rite, waterproof fabric. While the fabric is waterproof, the duffle bag is not. Seams are not sealed and the zipper is not waterproof. While the duffle is not waterproof, it is highly water-resistant, and for extra protection, you can seal the seams yourself using a seam sealing product. If you want a waterproof bag, then you should consider a dry bag.
  • For addition strength, and convenience when carrying the duffle, the handles on top are made of reinforced leather, and handles at the ends of the duffle feature strong webbed material. The webbed material also goes around the duffle twice, providing extra strength.
  • Unlike some other duffles, the Long Haul is designed to sit flat on the ground, and not roll over. When you sit it down, it stays put.
  • The zipper is extra strong and can be sealed with a small lock (you have to provide the lock). There is also a separate zippered pouch at one end of the duffle for storing small items.

It would be hard to find a duffle bag that is as strong and durable as the Gregory Long Hauls, especially given their light weight and very reasonable price.

Using the Gregory Long Haul Duffle in the Real World

I have been using the Extra Large Long Haul duffle for quite some time and have found nothing to quibble about. It is large enough to hold everything I want to bring, and is tough enough to keep my gear from getting damaged. Obviously, I would not carry sensitive electronic gear in the duffle, but other than that, your gear will be protected.

If I am expecting the bag to get rained on, I wrap the contents of the duffle in small light weight dry bags to keep any potential moisture that may enter the duffle from getting my gear wet. Besides offering waterproof protection, using small dry bags inside the duffle make it easy to organize my gear.


If you are looking for a tough, water-resistant duffle to transport your gear, consider the world class Gregory Long Haul duffles. Not only will they protect your gear, it will last for years.

Product Notes

The Gregory Long Haul duffles are available in five sizes and two colors: lava red (bright red) and black. Suggested retail prices range from $60 to $100, depending on the size.